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API's Gel-Tac® micro-sphere technology is the backbone of API's custom finished adhesives. Microspheres are tiny particles measuring between 10 and 250 microns in diameter. Standard removable adhesives use small particles which coalesce to form a continuous film and typically lose their removability over time. This is not the case with Gel-Tac® microsphere adhesives in which the larger particles make a discontinuous layer that results in low peel, stable tack, and easy removability over time (See Figure 3).

Quality Manufacturing

Each batch of Gel-Tac® Microsphere adhesive is analyzed to meet API's stringent quality standards. API has a Total Quality Management Program in place to help us follow set manufacturing principles to industry standards and insure our quality is never compromised. We provide our customers a microsphere adhesive solution that is the most coater-ready in the market today.