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Acrylic Gel-Tac® Microspheres have a unique physical structure in which large particles limit physical contact with the surface, to form a discontinuous film that results in low peel, removability, and stable adhesive tack.

Custom Solutions

The Gel-Tac® Microspheres manufactured by API come in a variety of standard diameters ranging from 15 to 55 micron averages (See Figure 2). In addition to these, we can create unique formulations to meet your specific requirements. Our microsphere experts have the industry's best and longest track record when it comes to developing custom solutions to particular adhesion challenges.


Our microsphere adhesives are highly valued for labeling especially in manufacturing processes, pharmaceutical plants, and warehouse inventory control. Labels with microsphere technology can be attached and cleanly removed during various stages of manufacturing. Barcode and informational labels may be easily removed from a variety of consumer packages without leaving visible residue, marking, or damage.

Other specialty areas for microsphere adhesives include direct mail for consumer advertising, masking tapes, postal labels, retail book labels, and removable box labels.